Honeymoon Brainstorming: Wyoming

Oh snap, we’re getting married! Which means we’re also planning a killer honeymoon! The problem? We want to go everywhere. In an attempt to narrow down the search, I’m introducing a new monthly feature on the blog: Honeymoon Brainstorming. Each month I’ll post one location we are thinking of for our honeymoon, as well as a list of things we could do there and the pros/cons. Check back soon for the next post!

Honeymoon in Wyoming, honeymoon Wyoming

This month we are thinking about having our honeymoon in Wyoming!

Where we could go: Road trip through Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole

What we could do: We are big into hiking so we’d want to do as much as possible! Maybe we’d stay at a romantic lodge. I’ve never kayaked but Jacob loves it so we’d try that if the weather was nice. Also, bird watching (don’t hate, you get to relax in nature and watch the birds!).

Pros: Gorgeous scenery, lots of outdoor fun, fall colors. While researching I also was able to find plenty of hotels that ran from super budget-friendly to splurge-worthy, so we could spend a few nights in a fancy place and then spend the rest in more affordable places.

Cons: We would have to rent a car. Technically I guess we could take one of our own, but we’d get more honeymoon time if we flew in to Wyoming because driving would take 28 hours. Per Google Maps it would be about a 7 hour plane trip from Buffalo. The other possible con is the weather. We’ll be honeymooning in late October and I have no idea when the snow starts to fall in Wyoming. Don’t get me wrong, snow is my favorite thing. But I don’t want to be trapped in the middle of a big national park on a hiking trail when a freak snowstorm hits.

Help us out! Have you been to Wyoming and would you recommend it for a honeymoon? What are your own pros and cons?

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