Honeymoon Brainstorming: Wyoming

Oh snap, we’re getting married! Which means we’re also planning a killer honeymoon! The problem? We want to go everywhere. In an attempt to narrow down the search, I’m introducing a new monthly feature on the blog: Honeymoon Brainstorming. Each month I’ll post one location we are thinking of for our honeymoon, as well as a list of things we could do there and the pros/cons. Check back soon for the next post!

Honeymoon in Wyoming, honeymoon Wyoming

This month we are thinking about having our honeymoon in Wyoming!

Where we could go: Road trip through Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole

What we could do: We are big into hiking so we’d want to do as much as possible! Maybe we’d stay at a romantic lodge. I’ve never kayaked but Jacob loves it so we’d try that if the weather was nice. Also, bird watching (don’t hate, you get to relax in nature and watch the birds!).

Pros: Gorgeous scenery, lots of outdoor fun, fall colors. While researching I also was able to find plenty of hotels that ran from super budget-friendly to splurge-worthy, so we could spend a few nights in a fancy place and then spend the rest in more affordable places.

Cons: We would have to rent a car. Technically I guess we could take one of our own, but we’d get more honeymoon time if we flew in to Wyoming because driving would take 28 hours. Per Google Maps it would be about a 7 hour plane trip from Buffalo. The other possible con is the weather. We’ll be honeymooning in late October and I have no idea when the snow starts to fall in Wyoming. Don’t get me wrong, snow is my favorite thing. But I don’t want to be trapped in the middle of a big national park on a hiking trail when a freak snowstorm hits.

Help us out! Have you been to Wyoming and would you recommend it for a honeymoon? What are your own pros and cons?

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The Case for Taking Spontaneous Trips

Spontaneous Travel and taking a spontaneous trip

Remember how awesome it was when you were in college or still not working full time, and you could travel on a whim? Maybe not with a lot of money in your bank account, but still. I miss that. I have fond memories of buying concert tickets at the last minute and then driving hours to see one of my favorite bands in concert in another city. Those are some of my favorite shows, too, probably because of how freeing it felt to drive far away and listen to live music.

Sometimes I have an urge, not necessarily to go far away, but to grab the dogs and fiancé (the cat would hate me if I tried taking him from the house) and go on a spontaneous day hike or short trip.

Unfortunately, once you enter the work force it’s hard to be spontaneous. You need to know exactly what future dates you want off. You need to make sure a bunch of your coworkers don’t already have those days off. You need to make sure you have enough vacation time left. And then your boss has to approve your time off request.

Ruins the mood if you ask me!

There’s nothing like getting away for a while to cure a bad mood, and sometimes a person just has to take a mental health day. Raise your hand if you think companies need to give their employees a bit more paid time off! Personally, the amount of paid time off I get each year sucks. If my guy and I had similar work schedules it wouldn’t be such an issue for us because we’d have weekends. But he works weekends and evenings and I work weekdays, so we don’t get much quality time together unless one of us takes off from work.

So what about you? Are you able to spontaneously take a day and get out of town? Or are you stuck hoping you’ve got enough sick time left so you can call in on a gorgeous day and take that hike?

I want to know!

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Plans for Our 10 Year Anniversary


J and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary on February 9th!! Wow!! It’s weird…in one way, it feels like it cannot be that long. But also it seems like we’ve been together for way more than 10 years. J asked me out on January 31st, 2007, and our first date was February 9th, 2007. We actually kept planning it for the days between when he asked and when we finally went out, but there were snowstorms every day, and J is from Arizona. It was only his 2nd Winter up north 🙂

Even though the big day isn’t until February, I know it’s going to come up fast. So we’ve already started brainstorming some ways to celebrate. If you’re reading this and have any ideas, let me know in the comments!

  • Weekend getaway – Our anniversary is on a Thursday, so we could do a long weekend somewhere special. Maybe the Adirondacks (unless they’re snowed in..). Maybe somewhere new! It would have to be near home. For one, we LOVE Winter. Also, it’s easy and convenient. Finger Lakes? Catskills? Or maybe the Hudson Valley.
  • Stay-cation – We could book a room for a night or two at a local hotel in Buffalo and act like tourists. There’s a lot to do downtown and we could get dinner and drinks and have fun.
  • Stay at home – We could also spend very little money (we are after all planning a wedding) and just get dinner/drinks and then come back to our house for movie night or something.

I’m leaning more towards the stay-cation, because it’s something different than our day-to-day, but it wouldn’t be as much money as going out of town for the weekend.

I love planning trips and fun adventures though, so we’ll see. I might have to do another post on more specific ideas once I do more brainstorming!


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Planning My First Trip to Baltimore


I’ve never been to Baltimore, neither has J. Or pretty much my entire immediate family. This weekend we get to go for the first time for a cousin’s wedding. I am so pumped!

The problem I always have with trips (and this one in particular because we really don’t have a lot of time for ourselves), is deciding what to do with my time in a new place. We only really have Friday evening and Sunday morning to explore on our own. Possibly a few hours Saturday afternoon, but we won’t really know until that day.

J and I are driving down early Friday. We decided to check out the inner harbor area after checking into the hotel. There are so many cute neighborhoods around there that I wanted to visit! But having just the one evening, I took the advice of a few friends and settled on the inner harbor. We’ll get dinner and drinks and check it out.

The rest of the family gets in later Friday, so we’ll get drinks or something with them then.

No trip in my family is complete without a visit to the local fort. So Sunday morning before heading home, J and I are stopping at Fort McHenry. I am SO excited.

The only real downside to this trip (besides leaving our fur babies with a sitter!) is that it’s going to be perfect autumn weather at home, and about 90 in Baltimore…

I’ll recap when we’re back!


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