On Setting the Wedding Date


Your wedding day may well be the most important date you ever choose. I don’t know about you, but deciding on our wedding date was anything but easy! I know some couples get engaged and have a date set (or at least a date range) within a few days!!

Here’s what helped us decided:

  • Paying for the wedding – Before we could even begin thinking about dates, we needed to talk about money. Neither of our parents are contributing, which means it’s all on us. We also had bought our house less than a year before getting engaged and it’s a fixer-upper. Most of our saved money was going into that. So we picked a date 3 YEARS out. Click here to read more about why we chose to have a long engagement.
  • The time of year/season – Ideally, I would have loved a winter wedding in all of it’s frozen snowy goodness. Winter has always been my favorite season. It is romantic and pretty and you can bundle up. But then we got to thinking. We live in Buffalo, NY. First, much of J’s family lives in Arizona, so they might not even have the proper clothing to come up in the dead of winter. Second, there’s always a chance we’ll have a milder, less snowy winter. But there’s an even better chance that we’ll have a super snowy, cold, lake-effect storm filled winter. We didn’t want my wish for a snowy wedding to come true only for the roads to be impassible, the power knocked out, flights to be cancelled, and our guests to be either stranded or unable to get in. Fall is my second favorite season and J’s favorite, and October may well be our favorite fall month. So we chose October.
  • The day of the week – J and I are pretty traditional when it comes to wanting a weekend wedding. We knew 100% it had to be a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. But which to choose? Friday and Sunday are typically quite a bit cheaper than a Saturday night. Sunday meant our guests might stress about work the next day. Friday meant guests would have to take the day off or leave work early. Guests coming from out of town would have to take Thursday as well to get in before the wedding. As much as it would have been nice to save by not booking a Saturday, we decided to pay the extra amount to accommodate guests and the bridal party.
  • As for the specific date we chose, it’s simple! 13 is my favorite number, it just happened to fall on a Saturday, and it was available at our reception venue (which was the first place we booked because at the time we had no idea where to hold the ceremony!).

What things did you have to think about before choosing your wedding date?? Let me know in the comments!

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Planning My First Trip to Baltimore


I’ve never been to Baltimore, neither has J. Or pretty much my entire immediate family. This weekend we get to go for the first time for a cousin’s wedding. I am so pumped!

The problem I always have with trips (and this one in particular because we really don’t have a lot of time for ourselves), is deciding what to do with my time in a new place. We only really have Friday evening and Sunday morning to explore on our own. Possibly a few hours Saturday afternoon, but we won’t really know until that day.

J and I are driving down early Friday. We decided to check out the inner harbor area after checking into the hotel. There are so many cute neighborhoods around there that I wanted to visit! But having just the one evening, I took the advice of a few friends and settled on the inner harbor. We’ll get dinner and drinks and check it out.

The rest of the family gets in later Friday, so we’ll get drinks or something with them then.

No trip in my family is complete without a visit to the local fort. So Sunday morning before heading home, J and I are stopping at Fort McHenry. I am SO excited.

The only real downside to this trip (besides leaving our fur babies with a sitter!) is that it’s going to be perfect autumn weather at home, and about 90 in Baltimore…

I’ll recap when we’re back!


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On My Long Engagement (& Why I Love It)

On My Long Engagement

When J and I got engaged last September, the questions from friends and family (his side mostly, since mine were in the throws of planning my sister’s wedding and didn’t need another one) started pretty much immediately – when’s the wedding? Did you set a date? Will it be in your town or his hometown?

Oh my gosh people, give us a second to enjoy being engaged!

Honestly, it was overwhelming. And a bit rude. I know the questions weren’t meant in a rude way, but when we call you 30 minutes after that ring was put on my finger, we probably don’t have any answers to give you!

We decided on a date in October of 2018. Over 2 years away. Crazy, I know.

But let me explain why.

First: we’ve been together at this point for 9 and a half years. There’s no rush when we already live together and have a great relationship.

Second: we don’t want kids. Not that it would matter at all if we were married or not. People have kids without an official marriage all the time. But I know personally a lot of people who want to tie the knot so that they can then start making a family. We already have our fur babies, a cat and a dog, so babies are no reason for us to rush the wedding.

Third: we’re paying for the entire thing ourselves. And I want to have a nice wedding. I’m not talking anything extravagant. But I don’t want to settle on a dress I don’t love because of my budget. I don’t want to settle on a less than ideal venue because we can’t afford what we do want. This way we have plenty of time to put more money aside specifically for the wedding.

And fourth: I just want to enjoy being engaged and enjoy planning! We have our reception venue booked, and hopefully our ceremony location soon. Then we can just sit back and relax for a while! I was never that little girl who daydreamed about her wedding. So I’m starting from scratch. I don’t know exactly what a want, and not jumping immediately into the whirlwind of wedding planning is just what I needed. I get to relax with wine and read wedding mags, and not get stressed out about decisions.

I know plenty of couples who got engaged and then married within a year, and that’s great for them. But I am so happy to get to really enjoy wedding planning and take it slower. To each bride her own, I guess!

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