So You Hate Your Day Job (Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams)

Confession time! Growing up, I always told myself I’d never work in a cubicle. Fast forward through my childhood and adolescence, and I’ve now been working almost 6 years in – you guessed it – a cubicle. First, I was a customer service rep for French Canadian customers (I did love my customers, and I owe them my French Canadian accent that I now speak French with, also this job wasn’t the worst since I do have a French degree). Now, I’m at a bank. Yay corporate America. Woo sarcasm.

(On another side note (because I apparently REALLY love parentheses) ask me some time about the differences between my CS job at a pretty liberal distribution company and a super conservative bank! HA! Talk about culture shock!)

I’m not writing this post to depress any soon-to-be college grads who hope to avoid the corporate world. In fact, I hope this post motivates you not to settle and helps you make the right decisions.

The issue is that sometimes you have to settle, and sometimes taking that stuffy 9-5 with a cubicle is the right decision. You have student loans to pay. Then your car dies and you need a new one. And one day you wake up and own a whole fucking house, complete with mortgage and an ever-increasing “fix it” list. (Have I mentioned that I still feel like I’m 15 even though I’m almost 28?)

I went to college for French, something I love. And I encourage everyone to study what they love, even if it’s more of a hobby than something you would love a career in. After all, as long as you have a degree and the job market is in fair shape, you will probably find a job, just not necessarily the job.

My problem is that I’ve never had a career goal in mind. I never knew what I wanted to be when I “grew up.” I still don’t, and I think that’s partly why I got stuck in a rut (read: cubicle).

It’s just recently that I started to think about what I really want in a job/career. I know I want to work from home, and I know I want more freedom than a 9-5 can offer. So that’s a start. Now you try it – think about that dream you had growing up. Did you want to work from home too? Did you want to work at a non-profit and make a difference in the world?

Chances are good that I (and maybe you) will never have that “a-ha!” moment where I suddenly know exactly what I want to do with my life, and that’s okay. If I keep the goals I mentioned above in mind though, I can start to focus my job search and career around them, and hopefully get in a better place in the future.

So it’s time to tell the truth – are you where you imagined you’d be when you were a kid? Do you have your dream job or know what it is? Did this post resonate with you? I want to know!

Whew, that was kind of serious. I swear my next one won’t be such a downer!


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