Photo is from my twin sister’s bachelorette! We went wine tasting in a hummer limo. I was the planner extraodinaire 😉

Oh, hi! My name’s Kelly. Thanks for stopping by my blog, That Girl Dandelion. It’s been quite a journey. Let me tell you all about it!

Growing up, my dream was to do one thing: write. I was ALWAYS writing. Constantly. I bet it was pretty annoying for my family sometimes, too! But they were also super supportive, especially my dad. I worked on my writing every day. Then the unthinkable happened. My dad had a heart attack just days before his 50th birthday and was in a coma through his 50th birthday and my parent’s wedding anniversary. 11 days after the heart attack, he was gone.

If you’ve ever lost a loved one, you know how devastating it is. I stopped writing the day of the heart attack and did the bare minimal that was required for college. Besides writing book reviews on another blog, I didn’t really write at all.

That was over 8 years ago.

You’d think after all this time I wouldn’t have it left in me anymore, the urge to write. But one day I woke up and felt like writing. About what, I couldn’t say. The gears were rusty. So rusty I didn’t dare try for months. I was scared.

But I finally got up the courage, and here I am. That Girl Dandelion is my blog where I write whatever it is I have the urge to write about. I’m sure there will be some themes to most of my posts, happiness and positive thinking one of them. It’s been a long 8+ years and I have a lot of thoughts and a lot of feelings, and I’m ready to share them. Maybe my journey will help you, too!

You can contact me at thatgirldandelion@gmail.com!